The overall solution of cold and hot channel system in the machine room

Issuing time:2020-03-13 00:00

The overall summary

More and more powerful servers, more and more data storage and networking equipment, require more power.And the equipment with higher and higher integration, the heat is more and more concentrated, resulting in the temperature control of the machine room is a big problem.Only by studying the new technology and new method of reducing the energy consumption of the machine room, and striving to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the machine room and reduce the overall energy consumption of the data center machine room through the rational selection of server frame, rational heat dissipation planning, optimization of the design, layout and use of the machine room, can the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction be achieved.As people demand for information, various industries are constantly improve the ability of the data processing, also with the demand for energy conservation and emissions reduction, effectively reduce the energy consumption as the data processing room before building one of the essential factors to consider, in order to meet this need, manufacturers according to the practical experience for many years, by improving the management of the air circulation, can effectively reduce the PUE value, for clients to tailor a set of flexible and practical, multi-function cabinet cold hot channel separation solutions.Implemented on the basis ofAccording to the TIA942 data center communication infrastructure standard issued by the United States in April 2005, the computer equipment and racks in the computer room are required to adopt the installation method of "cold and hot channel"."Cold and hot channel" equipment arrangement, break the routine, put cabinet using "back to back, face to face", so the two rows of the front of the cabinet in the face of export channels among the cold wind, that form a "cold channel" cold area, the cold air flowing through the equipment after the formation of the hot air, emptying into the two cabinet on the back of the "hot channel", through the thermal channel above arrangement of return air mouth back to the air conditioning system, make whole room air flow, energy flow, increase the efficiency of computer room precision air conditioning, further improve the effect of refrigeration,

The project design

The long arrangement of cabinets also provides conditions for the isolation of cold and hot channels at low cost. The air distribution in the machine room can complete the isolation of cold and hot channels, so as to maximize energy efficiency and achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.In this project, the design of cold and hot channel segregation in the computer room is in only in D and E column installation channel in the region of the upper blade machine has the fire endurance plate impact resistance of PC, D, E column cabinet installed at both ends closed sliding door, make the front of the cabinet to form a closed cooling channel, the heat flow from the back of the cabinet, conform to the principle of air flow organization.In the design and engineering practice of the computer room of the new generation data center, the goal of energy saving and emission reduction can be achieved through comprehensive overall planning, comprehensive consideration and energy-saving design of the key equipment, UPS power supply, air conditioning machine room and site layout of the computer room.The isolation and closure of cold and hot channels is one of the measures for energy saving and emission reduction in the machine room.Cabinet layout can properly change the arrangement and take appropriate measures to form the cold and hot channel isolation, change the air distribution and reduce the temperature gradient of the cold channel, improve the effective refrigeration effect in the cabinet, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.Double row cabinet designThe air conditioning is sealed in the front passage of the double-row cabinet to form a closed cold passage, and the hot air is discharged from the rear of the cabinet.At both ends of the double row cabinet side installation translation door closed the channel, and do the corresponding partitionThermal insulation, do not let the cold leakage from both ends of the door, affect the overall effect.Install a semi-automatic translation door system on the top of the door frame to drive the door to close automatically.The door frame adopts 1.4mm thick aluminum alloy material to increase the heat insulation and sound insulation effect;The glass of the door USES 5+9(hollow)+5mm toughened glass, won't product atomizeThe door frame adopts the way of two doors of double track to arrange, convenient to open the side door of two ends of double row cabinet.Install the side plate of translation door on the outside of the door, the color is consistent with the cabinet.Use wide sealing tape between doors for better sealing.All fixtures are on the side of the cabinet.But the opening that does not affect cupboard door.In the upper front of the double-row cabinet, install the sealing groove to seal the passage air leakage.The ceiling adopts fire prevention, shockproof, strong resistance and good transparency 4mm thick PC as the main material, directly inserted into the sealing groove in the front part of the cabinet through right-angle adapter and seal.Easy to install and remove.And is for each cabinet will have such a module.System features:Flexibility is strongThe cold channel is designed as a unit module, and the corresponding two cabinets occupy one unit. Each unit can be installed and disassembled independently, and can be connected with adjacent units for easy disassembly.At the same time, it also ADAPTS to the maintenance and management of other equipment on the channel.Good sealing1) the connection between the modules of the roof of the cold and hot channels is close to effectively prevent airflow leakage.2) the semi-automatic system translation door installed at the end and end of the channel and the side door of the cabinet adopt 1.4mm aluminum alloy material with good sealing.3) the glass of the door USES 5+9(hollow)+5mm toughened glass, will not atomize the product, effectively increased the effect of heat insulation, sound insulation.4) use good sealing strips between door frames.It can prevent the leakage of cool air in the cold channel.Security is strongThe unit module of cold and hot channel ceiling adopts the material of transparent good, fireproof, shockproof PC plank, after installation won't affect the light demand inside the channel basically, and PC board itself won't produce flame or smoke even if it is caught in the fire.The seismic effect is dozens of times stronger than ordinary tempered glass.Good automaticitySince the system is equipped with semi-automatic system components, even after the personnel enter, there is no need to consider closing the door after the entrance to prevent cold air leakage.Because the system itself has automatic delay door closing function.Effectively prevent personnel forget to close the door in the case of the cold air invisible waste.Modular installationAll installations of the entire system are processed from the factory into a modular form to the site.Easy to install.Customization functionDifferent system modules can be customized according to different requirements of customers on site, which can be adapted to different cold and hot channel occasions, single row and double row can be adapted.Strong fire and earthquake resistanceThe whole cold and hot channel system is in strict accordance with the seismic requirements to carry out modular material selection, PC board, aluminum alloy profiles have fire, seismic performance.The cold and hot channels are installed on the top of the front of the two columns of cabinets, and a semi-automatic system translation door is set between the column head and the column tail respectively, so as to form a sealed space, so that the air-conditioning in the machine room can effectively meet its heat dissipation requirements in entering the equipment.In recent years, the scheme of adopting cold channel closure is a cooling method used in large data centers, especially medium and high density data centers.This solution effectively solves the cooling problem of high-density cabinet and reduces the risk of downtime caused by overheating of equipment. The design of fire linkage also solves the problem of fire risk.Practice has proved that the cold channel closed (cold pool) scheme is suitable for promotion in large, high-density data centers.

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