Standard Specification for data center computer room construction

Issuing time:2020-03-13 00:00

1. Scope of data center computer room construction specification

The construction standard of data center computer room gives the construction requirements of data center computer room, including the classification and performance requirements of data center computer room, the location selection and equipment layout of computer room, environmental requirements, building and structure, air conditioning, electrical technology, electromagnetic shielding, computer room wiring, computer room monitoring and safety precautions, water supply and drainage, fire protection technical requirements.

2. Terms and definitions

Data center

A building or part of a building that houses a computer room and its supporting area.

Headquarters level data center room

It is planned and constructed by the headquarters in a unified way, mainly bearing the computer rooms of the information system and disaster recovery information system that are uniformly constructed and centrally deployed by the headquarters

Regional data center room

It is planned and constructed by the headquarters in a unified way, which mainly carries the access of enterprises, institutions and branches in the region to the backbone network of CNPC, and the computer room of the information system constructed and distributed by the headquarters in a unified way.

Local data center room

The computer room built by the enterprises and institutions themselves to carry the operation of their own internal information system and network access.

Class a data center room

According to the configuration of fault-tolerant system, during the operation of the system, the site facilities shall not be interrupted due to operation error, equipment failure, external power supply interruption, maintenance and repair.

Class B data center room

It shall be configured according to the redundancy requirements. During the system operation, the site shall be within the scope of redundancy, and the information system operation shall not be interrupted due to equipment failure.

Class C data center room

According to the basic requirements, under the normal operation of the site facilities, the operation of the information system shall not be interrupted.

3. Data center machine room classification

Grading requirements

According to the use nature of information system, management requirements and the degree of loss or impact on production, operation and public order caused by operation interruption due to site equipment failure, the data center computer room is divided into three levels: A, B and C.

The backup room established in a different place shall be designed with the same level as the main room.

Different parts of the same machine room can be designed according to the actual situation and different standards.

Class a data center room

The data center computer room meeting one of the following conditions shall be class A:

a. The interruption of information system will cause great economic loss to PetroChina.

b. The interruption of information system operation will have a significant impact on PetroChina's business and public order.

The headquarters level data center computer room should be built into A-level.

Level B data center room

The data center room meeting one of the following conditions shall be level B:

a The interruption of information system will cause great economic loss to PetroChina.

b. The interruption of information system operation will have a great impact on PetroChina's business and public order.

Regional data center room, regional network center room and enterprise and public institution level data center room should be built into level B.

Level C data center room

Data center rooms that are not class A or B shall be class C.

3. Data center computer room classification content

4. Machine room location and equipment layout

4.1Principle of machine room location

According to the requirements of code for design of computer room of electronic information system, the location of computer room shall meet the following requirements:

keep away from areas with flood and fire hazards;

Keep away from strong vibration source and strong noise source;

keep away from factories, warehouses, storage yards, etc. that produce dust, oil fume, harmful gas and produce or store corrosive, inflammable and explosive materials;

Avoid strong electromagnetic interference;

The main engine room in a multi-storey or high-rise building shall not be selected at the underground bottom of the building;

The water source is sufficient, the power is relatively stable and reliable, the traffic and communication are convenient, and the natural environment is clean;

4.2 Computer room composition

The composition of the functional area of the computer room and the calculation of its use area shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the code for design of electronic information system computer room.

4.3Equipment layout

In addition to the technical requirements of computer equipment for temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, quality of power supply (voltage, frequency, stability, etc.), grounding wire, electromagnetic field and vibration, the environment of the machine room must also meet the requirements of personnel working in the machine room for comparison of brightness, air freshness, flow speed and noise.

General principles of equipment layout

Load bearing safety: the battery pack shall be placed above the beam generally. If there is no beam, the room with small capacity and large load-bearing capacity of battery combination floor shall be selected as the machine room;

Convenient maintenance: fully consider the installation, maintenance, transportation and other factors of the equipment;

Beautiful layout: the equipment shall be installed neatly to facilitate the function of the power environment monitoring system;

Convenient Routing: the layout of equipment shall consider the convenience of routing and the shortest route.

5. Data center computer house system

5.1 Lighting

Machine room lighting and emergency lighting system

AccessionAccording to the requirements of code for design of electronic computer room, the illumination of the main engine room is 400lx;

AccessionIllumination of power supply room and other auxiliary function rooms shall not be less than 300lx;

AccessionEvacuation indicator light and safety exit sign light are installed in all parts of the machine room, with illumination greater than 1LX;

AccessionEmergency standby lights are installed in the machine room, corridor and stairway, with illumination not less than 30lx.

5.2 Earthing system

The grounding form of the machine room is the special DC logic grounding of the machine room, and a new group of grounding electrodes is set, with the grounding resistance less than 1 Ω;

The AC working ground and safety protection ground of the power distribution system in the machine room shall be the comprehensive grounding of the building body (its resistance shall be less than 4 Ω).

5.3Lightning protection system

It is impossible for the building to conduct direct lightning strike along the low-voltage line.The equipment in the central machine room mainly needs to be protected by the resistance coupling mode (ground potential counterattack) caused by direct lightning stroke, as well as the electric inductance and capacitive coupling interference caused by lightning stroke of nearby high-rise buildings.

1 .Treatment of equipotential grounding

Grounding is the most important part of lightning protection technology, and the requirements of computer system above minicomputer are very high. The grounding resistance is usually less than 1 ohm.But for lightning protection technology, the ground resistance is less than 4 ohm.Lightning protection grounding, electrical safety grounding, AC grounding and DC grounding shall be unified as one grounding device to avoid counterattack between different grounding.

2.Lightning protection design of power supply

According to the characteristics of large lightning current, residual voltage of lightning arrester and low impact resistance level of equipment, the principle of multi-level protection and layer by layer energy dissipation shall be followed, and the lightning arrester shall be installed to protect the power line from overvoltage.

3.Lightning protection design of signal system

The data communication lines in the machine room include Ethernet twisted pair, DDN special line, optical fiber line and telephone line backup line. All communication lines in and out of the machine room must be lightning protected to protect the safety of the machine room.

5.4 air conditioning system

Indoor environment parameters of machine room

Summer: temperature 23 ± 2 , relative humidity 50%

Winter: temperature 20 ± 2 , relative humidity 50%

Modular precision air conditioning is adopted in the machine room, and the air supply mode of lower air supply and upper return air is adopted to achieve the purpose of constant temperature and humidity.

air conditioning system

5.5Monitoring system

Cameras are installed in public areas and entrances, machine room, core machine room, control center, power machine room, stairs and corridors, stairs, etc. for 7 × 24 omni-directional monitoring and video recording.

Professionals shall patrol the computer room 24 × 7 × 365 hours at any time.

5.6Wiring system

In modern buildings, the information transmission channel system (wiring system) in the building is not only required to support the general voice transmission, but also to support a variety of computer network protocols and information interconnection of a variety of manufacturers' equipment, which can adapt to a variety of flexible and fault-tolerant networking schemes;At the same time, due to the continuous emergence of new technologies and products, transmission lines should be able to adapt to the needs of development in several years.Therefore, the establishment of a comprehensive cabling system which can fully support various systems applications such as communication network center and data processing center, and has its own characteristics of openness, compatibility, reliability, practicability, easy management, advanced and future oriented, is essential for modern buildings.

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