Machine room leakage alarm system knowledge!

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The leakage detection system of the machine room is due to the requirements of the temperature and humidity in the machine room. Most of the machine rooms have precise air conditioning, heating and other equipment. Sometimes, the leakage of liquid occurs. At the same time, there may also be water leakage, rainwater intrusion and other situations. This requires the leakage detection system to detect the leakage as early as possible, accurately know the leakage location, and timely deal with it to ensure the equipment in the machine roomStable operation.

What is the water leakage alarm system in the machine room?

Machine room leakage detection system is also called (leakage alarm system and leakage detection system). Its main responsibility is to protect the safety of computer room, data center, computer room, power distribution room, archive room, museum and other important data and server equipment. Once leakage and leakage accidents occur, it is equipped with leakage detection system,The operator on duty will be informed of the early detection of water leakage or water leakage accident by means of audible and visual alarm and SMS.

Principle of water leakage alarm:

The water leakage alarm system works according to the detection principle of the water leakage alarm controller. Its action principle is that when the water or other conductive liquid leaks, the liquid touches the sensor (sensing detection cable) and causes the circuit resistance to change. The special integrated circuit (alarm controller) converts the resistance change value into the current and voltage value, thus driving the alarm circuit and relay circuitActivate the alarm.The system essentially detects different loop impedance input from each loop.

The induction line consists of four different types of wire groups, two of which are processed by conductive polymer, and the unit length resistance value is precisely processed and fixed.When there is no leakage, the current value between two wires is normal. When the leakage occurs, the induction line is soaked by the leakage, then the two conductive polymers are short circuited, and the measured current value changes. According to Ohm's law, the controller's resistance is related to the length. Through measurement, the position of the leakage point can be obtained.Induction detection cable is a new type of humidity sensitive element made of organic polymer material. It has many characteristics, such as wide humidity sensing range, rapid response, strong anti pollution ability, no need of heating and cleaning, stable and reliable performance in long-term use, etc.Using high and new technology to establish a set of perfect machine room leak detection system can better provide a good guarantee for the long-term stable operation of the machine room.

Function of water leakage alarm system:

The water leakage detection system is composed of a linear sensor which can quickly sense the water leakage and a detector which can effectively give a notice of the perceived situation.Water leakage can happen frequently in any building, once it happens, it may cause great loss.If any leakage of computer data room can not be found and eliminated in time, it will not only cause circuit short circuit, equipment damage, but also cause the damage loss of important data, business interruption and other serious consequences that can not be estimated.

Water leakage detector is specially designed for the leakage monitoring of data room, finance, securities, library, warehouse, laboratory and other important places. It consists of two parts: detection cable and controller. The controller collects the working status of pre installed detection cable in the protected area of the machine room in real time, reports the leakage position in the machine room in time and accurately, and generates alarm noticeAt the same time, the user can cut off the leakage source through the relay output control signal, effectively eliminating the hidden danger of water leakage.

The water leakage monitoring system is a tool to realize centralized maintenance of the water leakage detector installed in many areas through network transmission. It has fast response, strong function and convenient use.There are many kinds of equipment in the machine room, so it is not suitable for many people to be on duty.The heating and cooling water pipes are distributed between floors. In addition, the domestic water and fire water are potential hidden dangers of water leakage accidents.Post and telecommunications, self-contained generator sets, then the oil leakage monitoring of the generator room is also a part that can not be ignored. If any leakage in the computer room can not be found and eliminated in time, it will not only cause damage to the equipment, but also damage and loss of important data, business interruption will bring more serious consequences that can not be estimated.

How to distinguish the types of water leakage alarm?

There are two types of water leakage alarm system:

(1) One is that both the non positioning host and the positioning host detect the liquid leakage through the induction line.

(2) The other is that when the liquid leaks into the sensing line, it will trigger its sound and light alarm.The water leakage detection system can be perfectly combined with the environmental monitoring system, and its two dry contacts can send signals back to the central monitoring system.

Main functions of water leakage alarm system:

(1) Water leakage monitoring function

Through the installation of water leakage detector and water leakage detection cable, real-time detection of the leakage of the monitored area; the upper system software real-time access to the LDS series of water leakage detector collected water leakage, short line, maintenance and other fault information, to achieve the real-time monitoring function.

(2) Alarm management function

According to the alarm configuration, the monitoring system can provide LED screen, voice, telephone voice, SMS, e-mail and other alarm modes, and timely inform the maintenance personnel of the leakage of water on site, so as to ensure that the alarm can be handled in time.At the same time, the monitoring system can automatically realize the corresponding logic control according to the alarm situation, so as to ensure that the fault can be eliminated and reduce the loss caused by the fault.

(3) Report management function

The design of monitoring system has powerful report function, which can not only satisfy the daily report, weekly report, monthly report and time period report in common use, but also import and export the report in the format of common office report software, and generate various report data to meet the specific needs of users.

(4) Safety management function

The water leakage detection system has the function of user identification and prevention of user misoperation. It sets the user's operation authority hierarchically, combines the authority, controls and manages it, records all the user's operations in detail, saves them in the form of operation log, and makes relevant queries.

(5) Web browsing function

The water leakage detection system has the function of remote web browsing, which can manage the equipment in each machine room remotely by means of browser.

Main components of water leakage alarm system:

1, main controller

The main controller of the water leakage detection system can directly monitor the sensor cable up to 1500 meters (5000 feet) and a network of up to 128 tracetek controllers. These controllers can be a hybrid combination of the main controller. With its networking ability, the main controller has a strong flexibility in system layout selection and monitoring ability.

The main controller of the water leakage detection system will give an alarm when it detects liquid on any sensing element, close the relay contact, open the front panel LED, and display the circuit identification code and position of the leakage on the character display.The leak detection time will be recorded in the historical document.Through the front panel keyboard or RS232 / RS485 bus digital communication, all the state and time information can be transmitted to the host computer, PLC (programmable logic controller) or plant and building automation system.

2. design features of water leakage detection system:

(1) It can support multiple event tracking capability of up to 128 independent sensor circuits.

(2) The controller panel includes relay contact, LED status indicator and LCD information display.

(3) Standard external interface mode, including dry contact and RS232 / RS485

(4) Module bus communication function.Optional with 4-20 mA analog output.

(5) The controller has an event history to determine the time, location, and other parameters of the leak

(6) The right to change location is protected by a hierarchical password.

(7) Adjustable sensitivity and optional measurement units.

(8) 120 / 240V 50 / 60Hz AC power supply (another 24V option).

(9) Nonvolatile storage of event history, settings, and network configuration.

3. induction cable

(1) The sensing cable of water leakage detection system is mainly used for water detection, which is suitable for water leakage detection in the bottom floor of data center, telecommunication room, HVAC equipment area, pipeline, power room, storage room, large water tank and roof.The cable is of fluorinated polymer structure, with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The maximum working temperature is 75 ℃ (standard length is 1m, 3M, 7.5m and 15m respectively)

(2) The sensing cable is composed of two sensing wires, an alarm signal wire and a continuity detection wire embedded in the fluoropolymer carrying pole. The conductive polymer technology and the fluoropolymer structure make it have strong mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The strong structure of the cable ensures no metal exposure.The sensing cable of the water leakage detection system is small, light, flexible, easy to install, and the smooth design features facilitate the rapid drying of the cable.The cable is installed with the water leakage detection system controller. Once water intrusion is detected, the alarm will be started and the water leakage position will be accurately indicated.

4, PC branch

For this kind of brancher, the controller only detects the length, and the 1-2 and 2-3 ends of the brancher are equivalent to 5 meters of induction line respectively.

(1) PC divider: since the length of the jumper wire is zero for the controller, connect the divider to one end of the jumper wire so that the controller can distinguish which end of the jumper wire is leaking. It is equivalent to a 4.5m long induction wire.

(2) Adapter: it is used when the connection between the jumper wire and the jumper wire or the connection between the jumper wire and the induction wire does not match.

(3) Plastic termination: the end of each line and area of PC termination end must be connected with it to complete the circuit.

(4) Fixed adhesive: fixed adhesive is applied to fixed induction line and jumper wire.Clean the floor or wall before fixing.

(5) Label: the label is used to mark the actual length of the field induction line so as to quickly find the leakage point when the leakage occurs.

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