Why use precision air conditioner instead of common air conditioner in the computer room?

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Maintaining temperature and humidity design conditions is essential for the smooth operation of the data room.The design conditions shall be 22 ~ 24 (72 ~ 75 ) and 35% ~ 50% relative humidity (R.H.).Just as improper environmental conditions may cause damage, rapid temperature fluctuations may also have a negative impact on hardware operation, which is one of the reasons why hardware should keep running even if it is not processing data.On the contrary, the comfortable air conditioning system is designed to keep the indoor temperature and humidity at 27 (80 ) and 50% R.H. respectively under 35 (95 ) and 48% R.H. in summer.Relatively speaking, there is no special humidification and control system for comfortable air conditioner, and simple controller can not maintain the required set point of temperature (23 ± 2 ). Therefore, high temperature and humidity may occur, resulting in a wide range of fluctuations in ambient temperature and humidity.

2 Problems caused by unsuitable environment of computer room

If the environment of the data room is not suitable, it will have a negative impact on the data processing and storage work, which may cause data operation errors, downtime, and even frequent and complete shutdown of the system.

1.High and low temperature

High temperature, low temperature or rapid temperature fluctuation may destroy data processing and shut down the whole system.Temperature fluctuations may change the electronic and physical characteristics of electronic chips and other board card components, resulting in operational errors or failures.These problems may be temporary or lasting for many days.Even temporary problems can be difficult to diagnose and solve.

2.High humidity

High humidity may cause tape physical deformation, disk scratch, frame condensation, paper adhesion, MOS circuit breakdown and other faults.

3.Low humidity

Low humidity not only generates static electricity, but also increases the release of static electricity, which will lead to the system operation instability and even data errors.

In many important work, information processing is an indispensable link, so the normal operation of the company can not be separated from the constant temperature and humidity data room.

It hardware generates unusual concentrated heat loads and is very sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity.The fluctuation of temperature or humidity may cause some problems, such as disorderly code in processing and even complete shutdown of the system in serious cases.This will cause huge losses to the company, which depends on the system outage time and the value of the lost data and time.The standard comfort air conditioning is not designed to handle the heat load concentration and heat load composition of the data room, nor to provide the precise temperature and humidity set points required for these applications.The precision air conditioning system is designed for precise temperature and humidity control. The precision air conditioning system has high reliability to ensure the continuous operation of the system throughout the year, and has maintainability, assembly flexibility and redundancy to ensure the normal operation of the data room air conditioning in all seasons.


The computer room has strict requirements on temperature, humidity and cleanliness. Therefore, the special air conditioner for computer room is quite different from the traditional comfortable air conditioner in design, which is shown in the following five aspects:

1Traditional comfortable air conditioning is mainly for personnel design, with small air supply volume, large air supply enthalpy difference, simultaneous cooling and dehumidification; while the apparent heat in the machine room accounts for more than 90% of the total heat, which includes the heat generated by the equipment itself, the heat generated by lighting, the heat conduction through walls, ceilings, windows, floors, as well as the heat radiated by sunlight, the penetration wind through the gap and the heat generated by fresh air.The humidity generated by these heat generation is very small, so using comfortable air conditioning will inevitably cause low relative humidity in the machine room, and make the surface area of the internal circuit components of the equipment accumulate static electricity, generate discharge and damage the equipment, interfere with data transmission and storage.At the same time, as 40% - 60% of the cooling capacity is consumed in dehumidification, the cooling capacity of the actual cooling equipment is greatly reduced and the energy consumption is greatly increased.

In the design of the special air conditioner for the machine room, the evaporation pressure in the evaporator is strictly controlled, and the air supply volume is increased to make the surface temperature of the evaporator higher than the air dew point temperature without dehumidification. All the generated cooling capacity is used to reduce the temperature, improve the working efficiency, and reduce the loss of humidity (large air supply volume and decrease the enthalpy difference of air supply).

2. the air volume of comfort air conditioner is small and the wind speed is low. It can only circulate local air in the direction of air supply instead of forming the overall air circulation in the machine room. The uneven cooling of the machine room results in the regional temperature difference in the machine room. The temperature in the direction of air supply is low, and the temperature in other areas is high. The heating equipment generates local heat accumulation due to different placement positions, resulting in overheating and damage of the equipment.

However, the special air conditioner in the machine room has large air supply volume and high air change times (usually 30-60 times / hour). The whole air circulation can be formed in the whole machine room, so that all the equipment in the machine room can be cooled evenly.

3Traditional comfortable air conditioning, because of small air supply volume and less air change times, the air in the machine room can not ensure that there is enough high flow rate to bring dust back to the filter, and there is deposition inside the equipment in the machine room, which has a bad impact on the equipment itself.And the filter performance of the general comfort air conditioning unit is poor, which can not meet the purification requirements of the computer.

The special air conditioner in the machine room has large air supply volume and good air circulation. At the same time, due to the special air filter, it can timely and efficiently filter out the dust in the air and maintain the cleanliness of the machine room.

4Because most of the electronic equipment in the machine room are running continuously and working for a long time, it is required that the special air conditioner in the machine room can be designed to operate continuously under large load all the year round and maintain high reliability.Comfort air conditioning is difficult to meet the requirements, especially in winter, the computer room has many heating equipment due to its good sealing, and the air conditioning unit is still required to work normally. At this time, the general comfort air conditioning is difficult to work normally due to the low outdoor condensation pressure, and the special air conditioning in the computer room can still work normally through the controllable outdoor condenser.

5The special air conditioner in the machine room is generally equipped with a special humidification system, a high-efficiency dehumidification system and an electric heating compensation system. Through the microprocessor, the temperature and humidity in the machine room can be accurately controlled according to the data fed back by each sensor, while the comfort air conditioner is generally not equipped with a humidification system, which can only control the temperature with low accuracy, and the humidity is difficult to control, which can not meet the requirements of the machine roomEquipment needs.

To sum up, there are significant differences in product design between special air conditioner and comfortable air conditioner in the machine room. They are designed for different purposes and cannot be interchanged.Special air conditioner must be used in computer room.At present, many industries in China, such as finance, post and telecommunications, television, oil exploration, printing, scientific research, electric power and so on, have been widely used, improving the reliability and operation economy of computer, network, communication system in the computer room.

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