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YFR row-level computer room precision air conditioner
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YFR row-level computer room precision air conditioner

Types of YFR12-YFR35 Specification Complete
Brand Polsys

YFR series machine room precision air conditioners are specifically designed to meet the needs of medium and large machine rooms, communication base stations, substations, etc., combined with the many advantages of today's machine room air conditioning products, developed high performance precision looking air conditioner regulators. The unit adopts characteristics such as large air volume, small enthalpy difference, energy saving, stability, long life, etc., which can meet the environmental air conditioning needs of different industries such as communication, power, transportation, finance, medical, education, government and other industries.

About us    Polsys Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Headquartered in London, UK. For many years, Paulos has been committed to the design, development and manufacturing of environmental control products for the computer room of the information and communication industry, providing a full range of precision cooling and purification solutions for users of global communications and computer networks.
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