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Paulus Ceiling Machine

Types of Ceiling machine Specification Complete
Brand Polsys

Paulus ceiling series precision air conditioners are based on small and practical installation space. The product series have air-cooled, water-cooled, glycol, and chilled water models.


● Powerful joint control and communication function

● Flexible cooling capacity design: The heat capacity of random room equipment can automatically adjust the cooling capacity

● High-efficiency EC scroll compressor, using environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A

● Equipped with EC fan, redundant design, air volume is automatically adjusted according to room load

● Standard leak alarm

● Large screen full Chinese graphic display, reachable, select touch screen

● Placed close to the rack, closer to the heat source, matching the airflow distribution of hot air and cold air forward at the back of the rack, adopting the design of back-to-front air supply, higher cooling efficiency and more energy saving

● Standard equipped with three external rack-mounted temperature sensors (up to 10 can be configured) can be directly placed on the heating equipment, and the cooling capacity output can be adjusted in real time according to the equipment inlet air temperature

● It can be used in Carlos data center energy efficiency management platform to consume the lowest cooling energy consumption when achieving the best cooling effect

● The reading of the chilled water unit combined with the inlet and outlet temperature sensors can display the cooling capacity in real time

About us    Polsys Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Headquartered in London, UK. For many years, Paulos has been committed to the design, development and manufacturing of environmental control products for the computer room of the information and communication industry, providing a full range of precision cooling and purification solutions for users of global communications and computer networks.
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