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Intelligent power distribution system
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Intelligent power distribution system

Types of Intelligent power distribution Specification Complete
Brand Polsys

1 Overview

     Intelligent power distribution system is a series of products suitable for the monitoring and operation management of power supply and distribution of users in various industries. Through continuous protection and monitoring of the user's power distribution network and electrical equipment, it improves the reliability of power supply and the Automation level to achieve reliable power supply and distribution systems.

     The intelligent power distribution system at the end can establish a simulation model of the power supply network, simulate the operation of the distribution network, monitor faults, and realize unattended mode. When the power distribution fails, the system can remove the fault in a quicker time, protect the equipment once, and reduce the scope of power outages. For the part that has failed, it can help the operator analyze the cause of the failure, quickly find and eliminate the failure, and minimize the power outage ; For the occasions with backup power or equipment, when a failure occurs, the backup power or equipment can be selectively used automatically in a short period of time to improve the reliability of system power supply. In addition, the system also provides a large number of analysis and statistical tools such as graphs and reports to help managers improve operational efficiency. It is suitable for user-side power supply and distribution system of 35kV ~ 0.4kV voltage level.

About us    Polsys Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Headquartered in London, UK. For many years, Paulos has been committed to the design, development and manufacturing of environmental control products for the computer room of the information and communication industry, providing a full range of precision cooling and purification solutions for users of global communications and computer networks.
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